Academic Writing

Some of the Academic writing from my 3 years at Falmouth University (BA) and my one year at Bournemouth University (MA) including my dissertation.  

New Technology and the rise of the Indie Game industry



2nd year critical essay at Falmouth University.

Video game development is a multi-billion pound entertainment industry, that under 10 years ago was dominated by only big companies that could afford to release boxed copies of their games to stores. However with the rise of new technology such as digital distribution platforms and free game development tools and engines, the industry has grown bigger and more accessible than ever before. Games are no longer something only big companies can create and make a living off. Free development tools and digital distribution mean that game development is more available than it has ever been before.  Indie games are now becoming more popular than many AAA titles, made by big publishers and some have even made big money out of it. The indie game industry is producing a wide variety of games, increasing diversity in game types without having to worry about ‘what sells’. Partially due to low budgets, the trend for indie games tends to side with creating games with a unique, artistic or retro style to them and interesting mechanics. Whereas the majority of AAA companies focus on photorealistic graphics and specific genre’s or series that they know will sell well. The artistic nature of these indie games has caused many critics and review websites to question exactly where the line between video games and ‘art’ stands and whether video games, in their own right can be considered an art form. 

Queer Culture and gaming: An examination of stereotypes and representation of LGBT characters in video games



3rd Year Final Dissertation 

Non-straight forms of sexuality and gender expression are gradually becoming more accepted in society and as a result of this, we have seen popular media such as film and television become ever more inclusive of queer characters within them. Although in some cases, queer characters in films and TV are heavily stereotyped, in the last few years the inclusivity of them has allowed many different types of characters to be shown through these mediums.  It is now not difficult to find well represented queer characters within American TV

Video games have only been a part of society for around 60 years now and only a common, every day part for the last 20. Home amusement systems and handheld consoles mean that games can now be consumed as media within the home or on the go. However, despite there being such a huge market for games, representation of Female, People of Colour, Queer and other minority groups in games is severely lacking. 

A comparative dissertation analysing and discussing the representation of queer characters in Indie games, versus those in AAA games. 

The Visibilty of CGI Animation



MA essay at Bournemouth University


An essay discussing the use of CGI in two different animation genres and use of techniques within these to make them 'visible' or 'invisible' to viewers. 

A comparitive analysis of The Gruffalos Child, a 2011 Childrens TV animated movie and the 2012 VFX feature film, the Life of Pi.