DEEP is an ongoing multimedia short film and animation directed by Derek Hayes. 

The film takes on many styles and techniques, incorporating both live action, stop motion, CG animation and 2D animation. 

I worked on this short as part of my second year at Falmouth University. I was an inbetweener on the Nightclub scene. A 2D/Live Action scene in a similar style to Roger Rabbit. We were given green screened film footage, some keys for animation and some rough background layouts for this short scene and set to work. My job on this was primarily as a 2D character animator, along with Imogen and our role was to add inbetweens to the keys we had already given and design background characters for the shot. Beverly and Jasmijn created backgrounds for the scene whilst Georgio and Bradley worked on the VFX side, getting rid of the greenscreen, colour correcting and making sure the 2D animation we were doing worked with the live action in the scene.