Munchin' Monk

Munchin' Monk is an animated short, created from scratch in 7 weeks as part of the 'group project' assignment on MA3D at Bournemouth University. We worked in a team of 6 and developed it from just an idea, through all stages of the pipeline, pre-production to post. 

My roles on this project were previsualising and transferring the 2D animatic into a 3D one (taking note of the layout), I animated over half the shots on the project, helped production co-ordinate and track our progress and did 1/3rd of the compositing for the final output. 

The project has a few issues, such as render noise in the opening shot, over exposed lighting in some shots and a few integration issues with the characters and environments, but overall, as a project with a short timescale and our first try running through each stage of the pipeline, I think we did well!