• Charlotte Grant

Starting out - A morphing animation

Char here, once again :D Being honest, I'm not quite sure how to set this blog out, should it be formal like my A2 media studies? or more familiar like my first post? Either way, I figured it'd be best to start logging the work I've been doing these past two weeks.

So, starting at the begining here. Our first set task was to create a second of a morphing animation, done traditionally on paper. This had to be 12 seconds long and was to be a continuation of animation done by the other members of our class (Alphabetically, AKA, the first person morphed one item into something else then the person behind them alphabetically would do the same until the whole class had created an animation consisting of many morphing objects and characters edited together.

The person before me alphabetically finished her animation with a Carrot. I chose to morph this carrot into a stag and then end with this stag morphing into a rabbit. I don't think my overall piece came out too badly however it wasn't particularly smooth, so I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself considering how many frames (12) we were initially given to work with. My one second part of the animation can be seen on youtube, below -

Our lecturer edited everyone's pieces together in order, creating a 1 minute animation made by the whole class and below you can see the result! :D

I'll be posting here a lot more regularly now as we've been set quite a lot of tasks since this, especially on the drawing and maya front! :3 So until next time, I guess ~