• Charlotte Grant

Take this life drawing, take it

Okay, so I got my camera back which is brilliant xD and extremely helpful for my life drawing stoofs :D So I'm afraid I'm going to just chuck 3 weeks worth of life drawing on you xD

Week 1

The first life drawing session consisted of me having a very, very wobbly start. I was using a donkey easel which I don't think helped perspective too much (being low down) and it was also my first time using charcoal as a lefty for a while, so I kept forgetting to lift my hand when I moved it to avoid smudging. I think I really needed this sort of shock to the system though, as I think it has helped me improve a lot in the following two sessions. But yes, session number 1 produced some rather scruffy life drawings.


30 second movement poses


15 Minute Pose


Some 2 Minute Poses

Week 2

I felt much more comfortable with this session, I think mostly because I'd done life drawing at Falmouth the previous week and because my old college used a female model that was very similar in weight and height as the one we had during this session. I am much, much more pleased with the work produced during this session.

2 Minute Movement Poses


5 Minute Pose


15 Minute Pose


Week 3

For our third session, once again we had the male model. I think I still really need to get used to male proportions and the lack of body fat and the addition of more muscle toning with this model, however I feel my life drawings, although still far from perfect, have improved since session 1.


2 Minute Movement Poses


A more abstract way of drawing, we were asked to draw the figure as if he was composed of cylinders and joints, I am really pleased with the outcome of this.


And finally some lighting practice! :D Just because I didn't want my work getting too outliney ^-^

But yeah, there you go, life drawingness :3 I'm not being weird with the title of my blog anymore xD

I intend to scan some of my drawings at some point too, although a lot of the stuff I do is very rough sketchy work, so I'm not sure how often I should post this/how worth it it's going to be. We'll see I guess :D but until next blog post!

Char out!