• Charlotte Grant

I felt 3D was being neglected

So here's some more of my 3D, Maya work, showing the interaction between the ball rig 'Squishy' and a playground environment. We were given the task to animate squishy as if he was a real character with thought processes and emotions, so instead of just animating him as gravity intended, animating him looking at things, preparing to things, going through an obstacle course of sorts and interacting with his playground.

I chose to make my 'playground' consist of some steps, a hoop and a tunnel for cubey and had him anticipate the jumping animation with a wiggle before setting off. Preparing himself as such.

I am actually quite pleased with the final outcome, however, my timing is very off in some parts. Particularly the hoop section, where he appears to almost be in slow motion.

My next 3D task is animating a walking rig, by the name of Bert, which should be a fun and interesting challenge for me.

I will also be attending the Bradford animation festival for a week, commencing the 12th :D Which should be amazing c: So knowing me, I'll have many photo's and stories to tell on here when I get back ^-^ Other current projects are yet another Cubey animation and a storyboard/character design for a ranger rick cartoon :3 Ima try and keep this as up to date as possible, I still have many, many drawings and sketches to scan and a few other tidbits I haven't had chance to share yet, but soon guys, soon :D