• Charlotte Grant

A character take

Some more Paper Animation over here :D

This time we were asked to animate cubey reacting to something off screen by doing a cartoon take (as commonly seen in old cartoons, particularly the looney tunes)

I chose to have cubey react to a cake at the other end of the screen and to react to a never ending drop which was offscreen and placed just infront of the cake.

I thumbnailed and planned this first, all but the cake part at the end, which I added on because I thought it'd be a nice way to conclude the scene. When animating, I stuck to the principles of animation we were taught, as with the previous cubey animations. This took 77 frames to animate and I captured it using the line tester (Which unfortunately was having a few focussing problems when I captured with it, so my line test is not as crisp as my previous ones sadly D:)

So yush, my test is below

Until next (very soon) blog post o-o;