• Charlotte Grant

Storyboarding Deep

During the completion of our main storyboarding project, we were also set a small, week long storyboarding task based on a screenplay called DEEP.

The script for this involved a lady dressed in riding gear having a conversation with a man who doesn't quite believe in vampires she'd discovered on a case. Their conversation ends in conflict and he flees. Unlike our main storyboarding project, we were given a room to work within and shown different angles of this room.

I found this was very good when it came to showing where the characters were in relation to the room, as I didn't have to make up the surroundings myself and the room we were given had wuite a few area's that could be used for focusing on in the background, like fireplaces, doors ect.

This took me 21 frames in total to portray. My final storyboard is shown below.


When doing this storyboard, I think I could've put the frames further apart to allow more room for writing dialogue/actions and I have now done this on my Ranger Rick one, leaving 5 lines below each frame and having 6 frames to a page.