• Charlotte Grant

Personal Projects

I thought I'd update you guys with a little bit of my non-uni work :3 Just 'cause everything you've seen up until now has been uni related and why not? :D

Okay, so below is my character Torik Glythwing, who I play as in Dungeons and Dragons (I'm part of a group being run by the Table Top Gaming society in Falmouth)

Torik is a Druid Gritaur meaning zi (gritaur's don't have a gender, so zi and zir are used as the pronouns) has a beast form, which of course is an actual griphon.

I found drawing these concepts for zir a good way to get into character during D&D sessions (and I won't bore you all further with backstory information and such :P) but yush, below are some character designs of Torik Glythwing in different stances.


Secondly, personal storyboarding :3 Below is a storyboard I devised for a 'Multi Animator Project' I have joined recently, I have to animate some of my own characters to, a 7 second clip of 'The 12 days of Christmas' song by 'Relient K'

This storyboard is very basic so far and I have began with animating the first part of it in Flash. I am thinking about moving around some of the frames when it comes to animating it finally, so that the character falling in frame 5, falls in the final frame instead.


This is what I have so far, I'm not so pleased with the line art and hope with a bit more practice in Flash that I can get a cleaner feel to my lines.