• Charlotte Grant

More life drawing!

Life drawing has rolled around once again, this time with my 4th week c: We had a younger female model for this session, which I found much more difficult to draw (mostly due to the lack of creases and wrinkles in her skin) Session 4


This first piece was a 1 minute drawing, so it turned out very sketchy and I made mistakes with it, for one the feet are facing different ways, the hand is bent awkwardly and the arm down her back is...I don't even know, but yeah, not good, not proud of this one :P


My second life drawing was very similar in teqnique to the life drawings I had done in previous sessions. We drew the model in 4 different poses in 2 minute intervals, all on the same piece of paper so that they overlapped. I think I did a much better job with these than on my first one, so I'm not so dissapointed with this.


Our third life drawing was more of an experimental technique. The model moved around whilst we were drawing her and the aim was to get as much movement into the drawing as possible. I did find this technique difficult at first but was quite pleased with the final outcome.


The Fourth drawing was yet another experimental piece and was more of a collaborative piece.We were given 5 minutes to work on a piece, then we had to more clockwise onto the easle next to us and work on another persons piece. We were allowed to cange their anatomical decisions or add more detail and shade. I started the above piece and three other people added detail to it.


Finally, the last life drawing was a 10 minute piece, I chose to work on black paper, much like the last piece of the previous session. I dew in only where the light was shining, however, this didn't come out as well as I expected, with her stomach area coming out very weird and distorted. I do think that her left arm and the legs came out close to real though, so I'm quite pleased with those two.