• Charlotte Grant


We've had ongoing cinematography lectures for a little while, teaching us different camera techniques and for part of this project, we had to go out and film a variety of different shots to show what we had learned. At some point this will be going towards the goal of actually making a short film, as far as I know.

My group consisted of myself and 4 others and we just filmed random shots that could be used in a mockumentary type thing, making sure we used a variety, to show off what we had learned.

I was given the task of editing this footage together but wasn't so sure what the others wanted.....so this kind of happened....

so I had to re-do it xD but yeah, here's the serious version....I did have fun with the other one though xDD They both turned out pretty cheesy, being fair

Infact, it seems most things I edit come out at least a little bit cheesy, here's an extract of my first take (it's been changed since, so it's fine now) of my Animatic..

Yup...all of the cheesy, over dramatic music....I should probably take this more seriously considering the time I have left to get all of this done, but I'm pretty certain I'm on track now, or at least I hope I am.

But yes, don't give me footage to edit without telling me exactly how.....bad things happen apparently xD I enjoyed it at least :3

I'll be seeing you soon, in another blog post, I have so much to put up, so yush, until next time ~