• Charlotte Grant

Yet another test xD

It's surprising how motivating everything else is when you have an essay deadline looming over your head... but in all seriousness xD Here's a test I did of my Minecraft character, walking :3 There's a few things I still have to sort out. For example, the render doesn't come out very well (some textures don't show up) so I've had to playblast until I can find out the problem and there's a few little jumps in the animation that I'm only just noticing now. I'll fix these at some point too... but yes, just some practice work because you can never have too much practice c:

and again, more cheesy music, because that's just how I roll xD I've heard that you can import Minecraft worlds into Maya, which would be pretty cool to do, if I can ever figure it out c:

I was also animating a quad dragon rig for a little while, but this was a couple of months ago, when I had even less of an idea what I was doing xD So I shelved that one until I'd figured Maya out a little more, tempted to try this again sometime though, we'll see after the deadline period is over I guess.

I swear I'll put up some University related CG stuff soon! I've got a few more things I need to add to some of them, then I shall put them up too :3 and I'm just noticing how bad my smiley usage is getting on here, again...

and hey, look, it's Steve! Ohai Steve!