• Charlotte Grant

Achievement Unlocked: Semester 1 Complete!

Once again, hello everyone! :D

It's not been long since I last blogged, but today was the final deadline date for a lot of our work that we've been doing since October :3 So yes, just a little bit of stress and I haven't slept properly in about 3 days, but everything is done now! Which is great :3 Relief, all of the relief!

For the sake of my blog labels and organization, I'll probably make this post a 'summing up' post and then go into more detail on my 3D work and sketchbook work at as later date.

Two of the things that were due today were my dreaded, cheesy, Ranger Rick storyboard animatic and a show reel, including all my 2D and 3D animation practice, as well as things I had done in my free time.

Below is my finished showreel, this includes pretty much almost all of my animation done in the last 4 months of University (or at least the ones I had to put in/the ones I'm happy with xD)

I will at some point explain more technical details in terms of the 3D stuff not yet on my blog (The lipsync, pushing, lifting and the walking animations and my personal ones that I haven't spoken about before)

Another thing that was set for hand in today was the Ranger Rick Animatic, that I had posted (cheesy) clips of, in an earlier blog post. Here is the completed animatic, I tried to make it a little more serious than before, toning down the music and such....I'd like to think it's a type of lovable cheesy now, rather than a facepalm, embarrassing cheesyness.

I was planning to add a few more inbetween frames to this animatic, but ended up running out of time in the end, I think it does pretty well at serving it's purpose, shot type wise though :3

But yeah, this is what I have been up to lately! You'll be seeing more Digital 2D work from me at some point or another as I have challenged one of my friends in second year to a 10 second animation battle next month xDD So I'll be putting a lot of effort into making something cool, frame by frame in paint tool SAI. I also have another MAP, to the song Iris, to complete, so yes, exciting things!

I shall see you in ze next blog post! Which will include some of the sketchbook work I have done for as recent project we were set, based on the work of Heindrich Kley :3 See you then!