• Charlotte Grant

Now for some sketchbook work!

I haven't really put much up in terms of my sketchbook work, I mean, almost all that you've seen from me sketchbook wise is character design, so here we go! Some of my work from an actual sketchbook brief :3

So yus, our brief was to create three final pieces based on the work of Heindrich Kley, this artists work often involved pen drawings of figures out of scale with their environment, either very little people or much bigger people. We were allowed to use any medium for this, but it was 'mainly a drawing project' so we were advised not to use paint very much.

I began by drawing some things that gave me inspiration, I really liked the idea of using mushrooms in my piece due to, close up, them being very interesting to draw. I also drew from life in the Geography labs at the university, as they have a large selection of skulls.

I really loved the idea of using animals in my piece, working with scale, like Kley did, but using creatures you'd expect to be large, in tiny environments and vice versa. I am really interested by bugs, so I used them as my starting point, figure wise. I drew some up close pictures of ants, woodlice, snails and caterpillars.



My first final piece was done in Pen, Pencil and Watercolour and featured a giant millipede (usually tiny) wrapping itself around a lamp post (something you'd considered to be quite big). I was quite pleased with the outcome of this piece, except I wasn't quite sure what to do with the background in it (Kley often just leaves his backgrounds white) so it ended up little sloppy in the bottom of the background. Are Millipedes not the coolest things ever though? xD


My second and third pieces are below, An Elephant (an animal usually considered big) in contrast with a birds skull (very small) and surrounded by foliage. I am quite pleased with the outcome of this one also, but once again, I am not so keen on the background of the piece. This was done in biro, pencil and coloured pencil.


and finally, my last piece! A bengal tiger contrasted against a mushroom. This was done in ink pen and pencil. I am actually happy with the background of this one, but I think I would've liked to do the tiger in a different medium, so it stands out more.

But yes! This blog is getting awfully informal again xD I'll see you in another post, where I'll hopefully be explaining more of my 3D work! Yay c: