• Charlotte Grant

Moar Updatessss

Heyo again :3 I am back with more ramblings and work related things :3

First off, we had a flash tutorial at the beginning of last week where we learned the basics of 'symbols' and cutout animation. We were asked to do a lipsynch, during this lesson, using only symbols in it.

Below is both my first, 'symbol practice' video and my lipsynch. (With an axolotl in a tophat o-o)

I actually really enjoyed the lipsynch, the above video is both a 'camera test' and a lipsynch as I moved it around a little to simulate camera movements.

In other news, our last hand-in, the cinematography unit was on Thursday and after much hassle with the studio machines, we finally got it rendered and handed in :3 Below is the evaluation from the 5 of us, we were asked to say a little about our work to put at the end of the project.

and finally, my last real update to post is a bit of personal editing work I've done. On my hard drive, I have about 8 or so, different home videos which I don't really do anything with, then occasionally I'll find a song or something and edit them to music, but I've not done this in ages and previously was only using Windows Movie Maker, which is somewhat limited.

I was having kind of a, nostalgic "I miss people from home" moment xD Which is stupid 'cause I live like 40 miles away from my old house, an hour train journey...but regardless, this weird mood got me productive, so not complaining. Below is about 12 years of old and more recent home video footage and photo's that I edited to 'Of Monsters and Men's song 'King and Lionheart' . I'm actually quite pleased with the outcome and how cheery it is :3 Concentrating on that helped with my homesickness a lot.

but yush, this is all from me o-o You'll probably get a post soonish, seeing as my MAP deadline is midnight tonight, so I'll be animating 7 seconds in flash for that :3 I have a few little side projects going on whilst we don't have deadlines :D

So until next time :3