• Charlotte Grant

A new term, secret production blog and moree~

Okay, so we started our new term, last week. Time is going so fast o-o 4 months left of first year D: What is going on? ...But anyway I've got lots of animation going on for this term. We're now on a group unit called Animation Practice along with an Experimental Animation unit, motion studies and possibly some other stuff that I'll talk about in a future post, once I find out more.

I'll start off with something I've been wanting to talk about for a while, something I'm quite excited about :3 Back in November, Michel Gagne, one of my animation and comic inspirations, started a kickstarter project aiming to turn his comic 'The Saga of Rex' into a short animated film. He planned to get started on this in Feburary and got successfully funded to produce both a 4 minute short film and a trailer with additional footage. I of course backed this project and have since gotten access to his "secret production blog" where he is logging every step of his animation process. He started on this blog at the begining of the month and has been blogging every week day with video's describing every process he goes through on the film. It's been really awesome to see what he's done so far and I'm really excited to follow the process of the film from start to finish :D


Below is the progress he had made on the project before making the kickstarter project. His work is done in Toon Boom Harmony and is animated mostly frame by frame.

Very inspiring stuff, but yes :D I am super excited about all of this >w< Thought I'd share that here c:

I'll be posting very soon about some of the work I've been doing in the past week, for this new term :D