• Charlotte Grant

Animation Practice - A new unit

One of our units for this term is 'Motion Studies', we've only had two sessions of this, but as far as I can tell we're going to get small practice tasks for each session, to do with movement. Our first task (for last week) was to do a rough animation of someone lifting a heavy object. This could be done in any medium we had learned so far and we were told to make a reference video to work from with this. My reference video is below

and my rough animation is as follows

After showing this to my lecturer, he was curious to know why I didn't include the wobbles in the animation, I didn't because it was not something I meant to do when filming and I wanted to perfect it in the animation. But after talking to him, we both agreed it would've been beneficial to have left the wobble in.

Our class now has weekly motion studies lectures and we get set a variety of tasks every week or every two weeks in relation to performance and character animation. I'll make sure that I keep this blog updated on what I'm doing in relation to that c:

My main interest right now is 3D, but I also want to continue learning and improving my skills with 2D animation (especially in regard to the basic principles as Timing in particular is something I need work on a lot) So I think I will alternate my tasks between 2D and 3D mediums :3