• Charlotte Grant

More Life Drawinggg ~

I've missed a few weeks of life drawing due to deadlines and other commitments, but I intend to continue going from this week ^-^ Below are a few drawings from yesterdays session.

My first piece, a 5 minute drawing. This session focussed a lot on portraying emotions through body language and so our model did a variety of short poses trying to express feeling throughout them. This was portraying sadness.


My second piece, another 5 minute piece portraying the happiness in the model.


My third drawing, this one showing anguish/sadness, this was a longer drawing at around 10 minutes.


My 4th drawing was of the model in an agitated/angry pose, we were asked to draw this using no curves, but only lines.


And finally, a 15 minute pose that I did in chalk on black paper, focussing on lighting once more c:


I make sure not to miss sessions from now on, because I really need to practice drawing humans and I'm kinda rusty from missing only 3 sessions.....but yes :D Keep tuned for more stuffs I guess c: