• Charlotte Grant

Personal Projects :3

I thought I'd update everyone on some of the personal projects I was working on and have been speaking about in previous blog posts but never actually put up xD

The Iris Multi Animator Project, which I talked about in my Moar Updatesssss post is done now, or at least the deadline was extended to March the 1st and there's still 3 parts missing, so the final animation isn't up yet unfortunately, but I'll make sure I post it here as soon it gets put up c:

My part is hereee~

I decided to try and experiment with camera angles to make it more interesting and I really can't wait to see this whole thing done >w< I've seen some of the other parts people have posted and It's looking awesome :D I'd have liked to add some more shadows and stuff to it, seeing as the scene is back lit, long stretching shadows in front of her, onto the grass would've been nice. But with Uni deadlines and the MAP itself having a deadline, I couldn't really afford to put that time into it, when my degree matters a lot more. The back leg on the last frame is also bothering me xD but ima stop nitpicking this and leave it now. I actually really enjoyed experimenting with the camera angles as I think it makes the scene a lot more interesting and it's just nice to bring Saffie to life in this way, as she's something I've only really drawn on paper until recently.

I also decided to practice on some digital painting techniques. I got some feedback from some artists on Deviantart who told me that I need to work on my light sources and the expressions/emotion in my characters, as they felt my artwork was very bland. I took this advice and put it upon myself to do a picture every day for a week, to the lyrics of the song 'paper tigers' by Owl City. I wanted to work on both the feedback I had been given by them and also improve on my digital painting techniques. Trying to speed up the process, as it takes me hours upon hours currently to do one painting and I need to become more efficient when drawing and colouring for animation :3


With my first few drawings, I concentrated mainly on the lightsource. Giving all of these pieces quite a strong light source to work from :3 I used my character Saffie again for this (I should probably get practicing drawing humans again soon >.<)

In this one, the light source was the fire, so blended lots of yellows into it, I wanted the style of painting to be quite soft, so I drew my line art in brown instead of black so that it wasn't so harsh against the colouring. I chose to do the background without using lines, to keep with the soft feel of it.

Once again, another strong light source, this one from above. I think maybe I should've put a bit more shading underneath Saffie, in relation to the light source from above.

78561-papertigers2 (1).jpg

I wanted to focus mainly on the emotion of this piece, so I left the background out of this. I also had a light source, in the form of a small candle.


My final two lyrics pictures were both done without a specific light source, I'm no so fond of these ones, mostly because it was difficult to find where to put shadows in a diffused light space.

Before finishing the last one, I put some of the pieces together with the song I was working on, maybe at some point I'll have drawn out all of the lyrics, hey, it'd be good practice c: but I don't have any plans to work on it again until the summer 'cause other commitments ^-^


But yushh owo Here is another update from me c: I have some more uni-related stuff to put up soon, but I thought I'd update with personal stuff first :3 I've been practicing drawing humans on a daily basis too, sketching daily to try and better learn human anatomy as it is something I struggle with >.< (quadrupeds y u so much easier to draw? xD)

But yess, until next timeeee ~