• Charlotte Grant

Love of Loss, End of Easter and the Art of Walk Cycles

One of the best things about being on a degree course like this it that I'm constantly learning new things, whether I'm learning them from good things - Like lectures or tutorials, or bad things like the fact that my computer deleted half of the work I did over Easter. :I

......so yup, at the beginning of Easter,I learned to save often, when I lost close to 4 hours of flash work on my MAP....and now I've learned to back up...which should've been obvious to me, but I'd only had the files about a week, so it completely crossed my mind, that and the fact that I lost the files whilst organizing my PC into folders for first year (to make it easier to locate work for my new show reel/website) ...so I thought I was doing the right thing .__.

Either way, I've found out that the problem was the fragmentation on my computer (caused by transferring about 800gb's of fraps footage across hard drives), and luckily the only things lost were raw flash and SAI files of work I'd completed....not including my group work that was uncomplete, but I have AVI's of the unfinished work, so I have proof I've done it...I just need to re-do it, so I can add in backgrounds and colour it and stuff.....which really sucks, but I've learned my lesson :3 Hopefully it won't happen again xD

....On a more happier note however :D We are now back from Easter, which means no more working only from home :3 One of our tasks over the holidays was to animate a simple walk cycle for a character of our choice, I used Adventure Time's Marceline for this and animated her walking in Flash.

Below is the final animation

I got to this point by asking for feedback from a friend who had graduated in Animation a few years ago and I fixed it up based on the tips he gave me (such as in my original, there was some boiling on the back arm and on the front arm there was an occasional wiggle when it came back)

Unfortunately this file was one of those that I lost when my hard drive went wrong, but I still have all the final files in video format, I just can't add the paralaxing I was going to practice on in the background now, but it's all good, I'm just glad I had the .avi files and didn't loose it completely :3

In other updates, I've spent the last few days working on experimental animation, so you'll get to see this real soon, it's due on Friday :3

That's all from me for now ~ I'll update you all with progress on my group project work at some point, when I've re-done it and have a decent amount of work to show c: