• Charlotte Grant

Urashima Taro and other updates :3

It's been a little while since I updated, so I figured I'd come with some news of things I've been working on lately :3

This past week or so, I've been quite involved with a second year project, by the name of Urashima Taro, their deadline was yesterday and I was approached by one of my friends working on the group to do some cleanup animation for the project, as they were putting a heavy load of 2D animation on just one person in their group.

So anyways, I've spent the last 8 days working to a tight schedule in order to get this stuff done for the group, It's been quite an enjoyable experience actually :D Their team leader is very good at being specific on what he wants you to animate and it was nice to be given updates on the film and see it progress :D Plus, I've found that it's pretty nice to be able to push myself with the 2D animation and I feel I have learned a lot more about flash after working on it. (Alpha shading in particular)

Below is the team 'activity log' showing the progress on the film and who worked on each part, this logging idea is something I've transferred into the sea project, which I'll talk about at a later date.


My job was mainly 'cleanup' animation, the majority of animation I did was animating the hair on the main character 'Urashima', but I also worked on some extra animation, in places that lacked it and on inbetweening some other parts.

I compiled a short video of the shots I worked on, seeing as this work isn't going towards a project of any kind, like it is for the 2nd years, it's nice to get work that I've done up on my blog :3 seeing as the blog gets marked, so yeah, this could be helpful :D

Below is this video, I explained what I did for each scene marked and included 'before' and 'after' shots of it.

There's quite a few things I would've added and improved if I had more time, such as animating the silhouetted woman in 1's not 2's and also adding shading to the tilt hat scene, but alas, it's already been handed in for them and I have my own projects to be worrying about now xD

As soon as this project gets put up on youtube officially (it's unlisted now and not complete) I'll probably link it in a new post :D This could be anywhere between a week and a month though, as the guy editing it is putting it on his 'professional' channel and wants to perfect it to the best of his ability, for obvious reasons :D

I promise I'll talk about the Sea group project real soon! I know I've been putting off saying much about it, but I shall write up a really big post about it soon c: We're just heading into proper production on that right now, after spending a long time planning shots, re-working our animatic, sorting out styles and influences and meeting up twice a week to discuss how we're gonna approach it, we've finally got it to a standard we're happy with :D

So yes, farewell for a little while :3 I'll post some more information about my other projects tomorrow or possibly Monday, I have a lot to talk about and some pretty exciting idea's I'm wanting to share!

Until next time, ~Char