• Charlotte Grant

Some insight into our group project ~

So, last time I posted, I promised I'd talk today about our group project about The Sea, in my next post, so here it is I guess :3

I covered a little about what the project entails in my "The Sea Project: An Introduction" Post, so for anyone that missed that post, I'd suggest taking a look at it now, so you can get a general overview of what we're up to with this project.

Since writing this post, we have done an awful lot of planning and liasoning with our mentor for this project, Kathy. From the chosen storyboard that we created combining all our idea's, in the last post. My team mate Beverly drew up all designs digitally and passed them onto Katie, another member of our team. Katie then worked with these to construct the animatic, allowing us all to have a better understanding of the timing we were going to be working to.

The completed animatic can be seen below -

We still may be adding some tweaks to the beginning and end, in particular a small plot twist, which I won't talk too much about, at least not before it's finished ^_^

Seeing as a lot of people were going to be taking a more literal and serious stance to this project, we decided to go for more of a foolhardy, comedic take on it. The style we've chosen for the project is, for the interview shown at the start and end of the animatic, a Waltz with Bashir cutout style animation, and for his 'flashback', a very cartoony 'chibi' like style. The backgrounds will be handled by our team mate Georg who will be working in Maya to produce a semi-realistic ocean and building for the interview to take place in, for us.


To make things easier for us, for the interview Beverly has drawn the symbols and I will be animating these, we chose to do it this way to keep this part of the film as consistent as possible, the flashbacks however are something we will need to work hard on to keep the consistency and style similar between all of us.

We've had several meetings to try and practice the style to get it as consistent as possible.



At the end of the day, there will probably be a small amount of noticeable change between our styles, but we'll try and work to minimise this as much as possible.

We're pretty much all set to start production now, It's taken us a while to iron out changes in the animatic and to come up with a consistent style and backgrounds but now, all there is left to do is start work on it.

Our production log is below, detailing who has which part on the project and showing how much has been completed so far :3


I'll be updating more on this project in future blog posts, but here's how much we've got so far at least c: