• Charlotte Grant

Introducing the Falmouth University Ident Project

A week or two ago we were given the task of producing an 'Ident' for Falmouth University. This project is being supervised by Adam Aiken, who has worked in the advertising side of animation for years and will be able to be very helpful in terms of feedback for the project.

The brief for this project is pretty loose, something I really like about it :D

Idents tend to be ways of advertising, usually a television show. These are really commonly seen between ad breaks or after shows, particularly on channels like E4 (Estings) and on childrens channels such as Nickelodeon. These tend to be around 5 - 10 seconds long and serve as a fun way of reminding viewers what channel they are on :3 Most idents will have a short lead up and then display the logo for the channel. We have been asked to do the same, but with the Falmouth University logo c: (It's recently undergone a change, becoming Falmouth University rather than University College Falmouth and therefore the branding and logo's for it have changed, so we'll all be using the brand new logo in our idents)

I wanted to practice my character animation in this, particularly in terms of expressions. I also wanted to push myself, whilst sticking to things I know (due to the deadline time constraints leaving little time for experimentation) I have chosen to animate this project in Flash, as it is the program I currently feel most comfortable with and animate two characters, the first being my dragon character Saffie and the other one being a simplified human character of myself, similar to the one I used on my lifting animation, back at the start of my motion studies unit.

My animatic for this project can be seen below.

Our brief for this project has to include some kind of reference to our experimental animation, my way of including this will be through the blue 'paint' which will actually be parts of my blue plastercine from my experimental animation, since making this animatic, I have spoken to my lecturers who think it'd be a good idea to have the character catch the paint brush and then swipe it across the screen, to make the movement more dynamic. I will keep this in mind when producing my final piece.

I'll post more as I do it :3

Until Next Time - ~ Char