• Charlotte Grant

Walks with Performance

We were given the task a few weeks ago to create three different walk or run cycles, each expressing a particular mood or state of mind. A month or so ago, we were also given a 6 hour acting workshop, this was done to improve our performance, particularly in the area of exaggeration, something that would help us a lot when it comes to our animation.

We had a choice of 6 'states of mind' to work with. Late for work, Distracted (eg on phone or talking to someone), In a bad mood, In a good mood, Flirty female and Macho male. I chose the Good Mood, Bad mood and Late for work for mine.

I actually really enjoyed planning and working with the different moods for the walk cycles as it allowed me to think a lot more about how the character would react in these situations (making my happy walk very bouncy, with high knees and chin up and my bad mood walk more slouched over, low knees and head to the floor)

My final three walk cycles are below :3

Good Mood Walk -

The Good Mood walk was the first one I attempted, I'm quite happy with the overall outcome however, it seems to jump at several parts and it's pretty easy to tell when the animation loops. I wanted to portray the happiness of the character by putting it's chin up high and making more of a skipping motion with the legs, lifting them clean off the ground and I think I achieved this, although, it needs work in parts. When creating this, I wanted it to look as if the character was moving its head from side to side, however, I think it looks kind of like the eye is just bobbing up and down on its own instead of it looking as if it's the characters head itself that is moving.

Late for Work Run -

I am more pleased with my Late for work Run Cycle, this was the second one I attempted and I think it turned out quite well in comparason to my happy walk. There is less of an indication on this animation that it was a loop/cycle animation as there is not much of a jump there, like on the first. I'm actually really pleased with how the hair on the character came out and I worked quite hard on making this work the way I wanted it to. I think the only thing I'd consider working on on this one would be the beak of the character, as it seems to boil a little bit when moving.

Bad Mood Walk -

My Bad mood walk cycle was the final one I attempted, I think I have shown some improvement since the first walk cycle, however, I think I could've done a better job at tweening this one because the back leg seems to flick a little to quickly at one part. I think maybe the character comes up to high in certain parts too, making the walk seem less grumpy than I wanted it too.

But yes :3 Deadlines are fast upon me now, you'll be (hopefully) seeing many more updates about what I'm up to, soon ^_^ I'll be blogging a little less frequently than usual, because meeting the deadlines themselves are the most important things right now, but this blog is getting marked on the 31st of May, so I'll have all of my work up on it for then :D

Until next time! c: