• Charlotte Grant

Stop Motion, Deadlines, Idents and more!

Heyo everyone :D

I know it's been a while since the last time I posted >.< So I figured I'd come here to update you on everything I've been up to these last week or so :D

Currently, deadlines are hitting down hard, with everything due in either on the 24th May or the 31st May.....So yeah, things have been rather stressful lately, but at the same time, very, very productive :D

First I'll fill you all in on what projects I'm actually in progress with, what is due and when it's due, I guess I could use this blog as kind of a check list for myself at the same time as showing everyone my work in progress and how I'm getting on with things.

My Checklist is as follows -

  • DGA130 Design for Animation Experimental - Handed In

  • DGA130 Design for Animation 3D Modelling Project 24th May Academic Office time by 2pm

  • DGA130 Design for Animation Background Project 24th May Academic Office time by 2pm + 12.00 hrs Online

  • DGA140 Digital Animation Practice 2 Individual Adaptation Project (layout test shot) 24th May Academic Office time by 2pm + 23.55hrs Online

  • DGA 120 Motion Studies Showreel 31st May 2pm in Academic Office + 23.55 hrs Online

  • DGA 120 Motion Studies Portfolio 31st May 2pm in Academic Office + 17.00 hrs Online

  • DGA130 Design for Animation Ident Project 31st May by 2pm in Academic Office + 23.55 hrs Online

  • DGA140 Digital Animation Practice 2 Group Project (Sea Tales) 31st May Academic Office time by 2pm + Presentation on 30th May 2013

  • DGA140 Digital Animation Practice 2 Blog 31/5/13 23.55 Online

...So yes, quite the handful xD I'll probably be putting this list up on the bottom of my blog posts between now and the deadline, colouring the complete pieces purple and the handed in pieces green, just so I can let you guys know where I'm at with everything :3

Currently, I've not actually gotten to completion on any of the projects (except Experimental) as my current technique of managing my work has been to pick away at each project, each day (I'm near completion on both my ident and background projects and have picked away at everything else) Hopefully soon, I'll have the completed ident and both backgrounds to show you c:

Last week, I had a stop motion workshop with one of our lecturers that used to work on Bob the Builder. We got to use specifically made puppets for this, which was a pretty new and exciting experience c:

These puppets had chunky armatures in and it was our task to animate them all touching their toes. I was in a group with two others, Beverly and Katie from my group project :D We had a puppet each to animate touching their toes and coming back up. Each puppet was attached to our workspace by their feet, done using powerful magnets.

My puppet was named Eimer and is the blonde one on the left hand side c: We used easing techniques, moving them small amounts at the beginning of the animation, then larger amounts as they sped up, before moving them gradually again as they reached the end. Eimer was tough to work with at first due to her hair, but we were given tips to 'mold' the clothing and hair before we started, so our thumbprints were already in the area's we were going to touching regularly when posing the armatures. This helped a lot and overall, I am quite pleased with the outcome of this test :D