• Charlotte Grant

Some more Life Drawing c:

Since I haven't put any up in a while, I figured I'd stick up some of my life drawing c: These are drawings from two different sessions, one with a female model and one with a male, I feel like I've improved quite a bit since my last life drawing class, and I'm really pleased with this :D

I'll start off with my first session. This session was an hour and a half long and featured a female model.

15 - 30 second poses


2 Minute Poses


5 Minute Poses


15 Minute Poses


and the second session, this was an optional 3 hour session that I attended, as I feel human anatomy is something I really, really need to work on and practice is the only way to improve. We had a male model this time.


15 Seconds - 1 Minute Sketches


2 Minute Pose


5 Minute Pose


20 Minute Pose


30 Minute Pose

I think I'm improving slowly in the life drawing sector, but I know there is still a lot of things to work on and I'm far from being alright at it. Hopefully with more practice, the more sessions I go to, the better I'll get at it :D

-Char out ~