• Charlotte Grant

Achievement Unlocked: Year 1 Complete!

Second blog post of the day is a new 'achievement' xD Today marked our final hand-in and therefore, the completion of the year :D

It's gone really, really quickly, but has been a very enjoyable one c: I've learned a lot, made a lot of friends and I can't wait to get stuck into next year and work on my own stuff in the summer c: (I have two small group projects planned, one 2D game project with my friend Danny and a CGI, cut-scene like, short with my friend Tristan, from Plymouth University, Watch this space c:)

Below is my showreel, showing some of my best motion studies work for this semester c: along with a little bit of life drawing :3

I'm very happy with what I have achieved this year, but think I've stayed in my comfort zone, a little more than I'd have liked to (particularly with the dragons and lack of human animation). My intention is to take Post production next year and work a lot on CGI, 3D animation, as it is something very out of my comfort zone a little bit, but still something I'm really interested in and enjoy doing c: I also intend to do a lot more life drawing, to try and improve on my human anatomy skills :3

But yes! I'll be updating this blog regularly still, over the summer, so you'll still be hearing from me ^_^

Then next year, I have the pleasure of living with 6 other animators and an English Literature student :D Should be great fun ^_^

Until next year! ~Char out!