• Charlotte Grant

No rest for the wicked...Aka: Task #1 - Bouncing Ball (No Decay)

Hey Everyone :3 I'm back again o-o It's so soon but meh, I've had a nice rest over the weekend, Geocaching with my flatmates, so back to business! :D

Basically, on Saturday, I posted my showreel, seen in my last blog post, to an animation 'newbie' type forum space, asking for some critique. I got some really helpful feedback, especially on the movement of the dragons tail, it should be moving more from the base outwards and I was given this video of Haku from Spirited Away to pay attention to, the next time I animate them.

The general consensus was that I should be going back over all of the 12 basic principles to get them down first, instead of rushing into complicated things like I have been.

As I've mentioned previously on this blog, my main aspiration on this course is to eventually end up in the field of 3D character animation...Having a showreel composed of almost entirely 2D work, this is clearly something I need to work on a lot xD

On this forum, I was approached by a 3D Character animator, currently freelancing in the industry who gave me some amazing tips, advice and feedback and offered to act as a kind-of mentor to me, during the holidays. Which is a really great offer and one that I am extremely thankful for :3 He suggested a few animation exercises to do over the holidays, including the basic principles, which will hopefully help me to improve my timing, spacing and how I approach animation in general c:

Here is my first task c: A simple bouncing ball (using the squishy rig I used way back, in my 3rd ever blog post. This ball was animated on the spot, with no decay (bounced the same height each time)

I'll work on this one more, possibly, based on any feedback I get on it :D

I'll hopefully be posting these at intervals throughout the holidays until I've completed the majority of the basic principles tasks I've been given :3 I've added a 'Summer Tasks' tag to the side bar of my blog, so I don't clutter everything else on my blog, up with all of these posts xD I've also linked my showreel in the 'useful links' section, because It's going to get buried very quickly else xD

But yes :D Task 2 is a Ball Bouncing across the screen, which I'll be attempting tomorrow :D

See you very soon :3 ~Char