• Charlotte Grant

Holiday Work Master Post

Hey everyone c: It's been a while since I last posted, so I figured I'd come change that :D

For a start, I passed first year with a 2:1, which is awesome :D Really happy, because I was having my doubts about some of the stuff passing (3D Modeling) so it was a huge relief to know I don't have to retake anything in the holidays ^_^

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I've been working on some basic animation tasks during the summer holidays c: Unfortunately I have an internet bandwidth here which is preventing me from uploading large files to the internet whilst at home (basically anything but pictures) >.< However, I'll make a checklist of all the things I'm working on, here and then post them all up at once when I'm back at uni with that shiny fast broadband, the ones I'm happy with will probably end up in a showreel of sorts :D

So I thought I'd make this the master post for all of my holiday work c: As not to clog up the blog with everything c: I'll probably elaborate on each video in another master post, when I'm back on campus ^_^

Here's the list I'm working from in 3D (Compiled a mixture of tasks from the 11 second club and Animator Island) -

1. Ball bouncing in place (No Decay) 2. Ball bouncing across the screen 3. Simple character head turn 4. Character head turn with Anticipation 5. Character thinking 6. Flour Sack waving (loop) 7. Flour Sack jumping 8. Flour Sack falling 9. Change in character emotion 10. Overlap/Follow through (tails/hair.ect) 11. Character Laughing 12. Standing up from sitting 13. Biped Run Cycle 14. Biped Walk Cycle 15. Quadruped Walk Cycle 16. Quadruped Run Cycle 17. Dragons/Birds (Wings) 18. Scared character peering around corner 19. Startled Quadruped 20. Character jumping over gap

and to end this post, a drawing for you :D I worked on a few days ago for a friend c: