• Charlotte Grant

Deep - An Update

Deadlines are fast approaching (10 days.....eek) so I've been in full swing on all of my projects. Along with working as an animator, Inker or clean up animator for two 3rd year projects, Friends are like Umbrellas and My Pet Rock. I've been continuing my work on DEEP as a character animator/tweener. I'll leave putting up 3rd year stuff for now (probably putting up a short showreel sometime) in favor of putting up the final films when they're completed at the end of this months, but seeing as DEEP is an ongoing project and will probably be taken by another year after us, so it doesn't really have a time frame, I'll put up some of the animation I've been working on for that.

Below is the completed line art for the bug bouncer character I also animated in my previous shot. Even though a few of the key frames had already been drawn out so that it worked with the footage, working with the 4 arms was something I found incredibly challenging.

I'm reasonably happy with the result, although, I think the tweens could use work in some places, where there appears to be a little bit of a flicker, something I definitely have to practice with when working on my 2D animation.

Below is the character placed in the environment (a night club) I'll be meeting with the group and the director tomorrow to see if he's happy with the placement of the character, so that's possibly subject to change, but at least the animation appears to be working. I'll be working on flat colouring the character next, before passing it on to Beverly for shading, either that or working on implementing other background characters into the scene, on the other tables.

Those interested in the project should take a look at our producer's blog, she's written up a pretty good post on it, from the perspective of someone managing the project :D Go check it out here!

But yeah :) Other than cracking on with lots of work I'll have to show after the 24th, there's not much else to talk about! My production bible for Taking Wing is slowly getting there and it's really awesome seeing our scenes for DEEP and the 3rd year final films that I've been lucky to be able to help with, coming together.

So until next time!