• Charlotte Grant

Best birthday ever!

Ah, it's one of those posts in my ever-elusive personal blog (which I promise to start using a little more at the end of this term, when my blog stops being assessed)

So it was my 20th birthday today and my flatmates made me this amazing quaggan cake! I'm so pumped about it, I think it deserves a share over here, because it's seriously one of the best cakes I've ever tasted and seriously cute, to boot! (the big quaggan is filled with rice crispy cake). They also got me some gem cards for Guild Wars 2, which is super awesome of them too, for when deadlines are over and I have time to play again!


Their story behind the making of this cake is brilliant too, considering it was made at 2 in the morning, during deadlines week, whilst I was still awake and none of them were used to baking.

They sent another flatmate in as a decoy, so I put on a movie in the background, whilst doing some design work for my pre-production bible, for her to watch, whilst she wrapped herself in my duvet like a caterpillar and rolled around the floor. Apparently during all of this, all sorts of crazy were going on in the kitchen, they didn't have a mixing bowl, so the cake was mixed in a wok and apparently some of the butter hadn't melted properly, so they heated the cake mixture in the wok and it started to cook around the edges xD I wish I'd been in the kitchen to see this happening (apparently the first cake they tried to make, they used bicarbonate of soda instead of baking powder and the thing came out like a boiling tar liquid) and they didn't have scales, so they worked out the measurements with density and maths.....and just, these are the most wonderful people xD Somehow it was completely non-suspicious that I had a flatmate caterpillar on my floor...and was totally oblivious to all that was going on.

It's probably been one of the best birthdays I've had and they were so thoughtful with making and decorating the cake for me ;u;

Even though it's not coursework related, I thought I'd share here, because it's been amazing day, and look how darn adorable this cake is! It's still deadlines week (yay) so no doubt you'll be seeing more stuff from me soon! I think I am going to blog the stuff I've done for the crew project soon, on second thought, as we're not sure when some of the films will be finished and my blog is being graded on the 23rd :)

I also got a copy of Child of Light and The Stanley Parable, which, although I won't be able to play until deadlines are over, I'm super excited about :) I wrote my New Technologies essay on the Ubi Art framework engine, after watching lots of tech demo's of it and being really impressed with it's capabilities. I got a 1st for that essay too! (although promptly brought it down to a low 2:1 with the compulsory public speaking we had to do on it afterwards...) I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put that essay on my blog or not, I'll have to ask at some point :) But I was quite pleased with it, and really can't wait to play Child of Light, it looks stunning!

But anyway, I've got a ton of work to be getting on with! So, until next blog post!