• Charlotte Grant

Taking Wing - A pitch bible overview :)

concept-piece (1).png

As I talked a little about in my Cackle Fruit post, we were set a project at the beginning of April based around pitching our ideas to an audience. This is done for every year group in the final year, to decide which 10 projects go forwards to get made into final films. Due to the fact that many projects don't actually get completed, they brought it forwards for my year, pitching at the end of second year, so we have the holidays to develop our ideas, before pitching to an actual panel.

Our task for Pre production was to come up with a Pitch "Bible", displaying our ideas along with some concept art and possible designs for these ideas. It could be for a short film, TV series or Video game, a few even stepping outside those boundaries, some people based their bibles around a proposed 3D animation showreel or things like comics.

I chose to base my pitch bible around a game idea I had called 'Taking Wing' I talked a little about it during my Personal Projects post a couple of weeks ago. So, it's been a couple of months since we were set this project and it's officially set to be handed in on the 22nd May and it's unlikely much more will be added to it now, so I thought I'd share it here :)

Click here for my final pitch bible :D (and if you're interested in some of the developmental sketches and research, you can view the research bible for my project here :D)

I think I enjoyed this project much more than previous ones as it was quite relevant to my interests :) For the real pitch next year though, I will probably be pitching Cackle Fruit as a final year film project, rather than Taking Wing, because it'll be easier for me to direct the 2nd year crew-project workers on, if it did get picked :)

We have to present our pitch to someone from the industry on the 3rd of June for the other half of our marks, so fingers crossed it goes alright :) Presenting is so nerve racking and my New Technologies module presentation brought my grades down quite a bit, so fingers crossed my presentation skills have improved since then.

You'll be seeing a lot of posts from me over the next few days, as it's coming to the end of the year and I have a lot to show, now that everything is being compiled together :) I'll have to make a new showreel soon too and than I'm off to the Annecy Animation festival on the 9th June, which is also really exciting!

But that's all for now