• Charlotte Grant

Achievement Unlocked?

I can't remember if I blogged about this already, but at the end of Feburary, I signed up to an 8 Week art history course on the website Coursera. This course was run by CalArts and was aimed at Animators and Gamers. CalArts is well known, even in the UK for being a really great place to learn, with high quality courses, plus we'd only briefly touched upon Art history in the first year of our course, so I signed up for it, hoping to learn a thing or two :)

It ended up being a really great course, the lectures were really interesting and clear and some of the activities set for homework really made you think about what you'd learned and your perception of things. I'm not sure when they're next going to run the course, but I'd definitely recommend it to anyone hoping to broaden their understanding of art history! It mentions games and animation a little too and was a really great course.

I got this today :) A statement of accomplishment for completing it, which is pretty awesome too!


The link to the course is here, for anyone interested. You can sign up to be notified if they ever run it again :) The course requires about 4 hours of your time per week (1 - 2 hours to go through the lectures and then 2 hours+ for the coursework) definitely worth it, if you've got the time! :)

It was my first time taking an online course and if I have time in the holidays, I'm tempted to look for one in a programming language (there's one coming up in Python called "Programming for Everyone" that I'm hoping to enroll onto, as I think it'll help me significantly when designing games in my free time. Coursera is an awesome website if you want to learn more things and get a statement of accomplishment from it, for free :) There's tons of courses on there too, covering all interests!

I never know how to end these blog posts, but the end of the academic year is fast approaching....so expect more awkward post endings soon :P

Until next blog post!