• Charlotte Grant

DEEP - Last update!

Hey all!

Almost the end of the year now, so these past two days have been spent putting together all of our work from the last few months. My roles in Deep and the Crew project have come to an end and hopefully I'll have some completed films to show at some point :D (I know My Pet Rock is done, not sure about the other two) So I figured I'd come here and post the final shot for the DEEP project :)

Below is the (almost) final animation for our scene. The rest, presumably will be done by the next second years or whoever the project gets passed onto after us (or maybe even us, in the holidays) as DEEP is an ongoing thing. The bug character needs to be shaded, a couple of the background characters need reactions and the live action needs to be placed into the scene, but those are all minor things that can be finished up quite quickly, especially considering all the live action has been rotoscoped and colour corrected now.

The Nightclub scene that we worked on is intended to be in a style similar to Rodger Rabbit, except in a cartoon world. The characters are in all different styles and in this shot you see the main character, in live action, taking out a gun, shocking everyone in the nightclub.

Below is the animation for it, I worked as a colourer and tweener on this and designed a couple of characters for the background too :)

The live action is being handled by Georgio and Alan from the post production group, the for the 3D exterior is being handled by Matteo and James is working on any effects for the outside, such as rain. They've been posting on their blog about their roles in it too, so do go take a look if you have time! Because although the 3D is technically part of our shot, it's mostly handled by the different team (the live action characters walking to a 3D exterior of the nightclub) as almost all of the live action is already planned to match the 2D, so we haven't really needed to contact them much. The important part is compositing the live action on top of the 2D at the end, which will be handled by them also, so I only have the 2D to show so far.

Here's a pre-tween shot of the live action footage that the previous team for DEEP shot and the rough animation that I then went on to tween. This live action will be placed back into the shot once it's finished.

So yeah :) That's the last of my updates on the DEEP project :)

I'm really looking forward to seeing the film complete, as we're not the only ones working on it. The director has professionals and other courses helping out too, which is awesome :D Should be a really great short by the end of it all.

Until next time!