• Charlotte Grant

The Crew Project

As promised, I'll put up a short show reel of the work I did for the crew project ^^

I ended up working on two projects for this :) As a cleanup/colour artist and as the main animator of the dragon in Friends are like Umbrellas.

Friends are like Umbrellas didn't get finished, so I'll probably continue to help out on that project until it's done :) My pet rock is complete though! and off to festivals! So I won't be able to show the final film for a while yet, but it's looking amazing!

If you have time, do go visit the my pet rock main animators blogs! They're both really talented, funny people :) Josh and Alex

It was really enjoyable being able to work the long standing goal of getting these films completed, I only wish the two 3D films weren't full on animators, so I could work as a character animator for them :) But regardless, both Friends are like Umbrellas and My Pet Rock are really fun little projects and the directors of both are great people to work with, so it was a good experience overall :)

This is the last thing I have to show from this year now! It's so crazy that we're at the end of second year, time at uni is going so quickly!

I've just got that pitch presentation to do on the 3rd June and then second year is complete! I'll blog and let everyone know how well I do, grades wise. Hopefully everything goes alright! and as usual, I'll be sure to blog any projects I work on over the holidays and will definitely be blogging about my time at Annecy, as I'm really excited for that too! (It marks many firsts, First time out of England, first time on a plane, first time in France, first time in Switzerland, I'm really looking forward to it)

But until then!