• Charlotte Grant

The Cecils! and marking the end of 2nd year!

One thing that's always looked forward to at the end of the year, is the Cecil awards. The name 'Cecil' comes from a 'to-scale' human skeleton replica we have in the studio for anatomy, which is affectionately named that. The Cecils are set up by our history and theory lecturer, Ann and is an award ceremony for people in all years of the course where rewards are given out for various things like blogging, improving work, helping other years and things like that :) There's an overall award called the Skull'D'or which has the names engraved of previous winners and your name will be added to it.

It's always quite a big deal, with people coming in fancy dress, the 3rd years usually coming in suits. Ann comes in a ball gown to read out the awards and there was a red carpet laid out. The ceremony started with Derek and Ann throwing packets of sweets into the crowd and Derek telling cheesy jokes at the front or tap dancing, it was great xD There's two prizes for fancy dress, additionally, at the end of the show, something me and my flatmates tried for.


(Spyro the Dragon, Gas Mask and Totoro)

The ceremony starts with getting to see the 3rd year films, complete for the first time, this was the first time, seeing any film that I hadn't worked on, so it was awesome to see what other films were made! The 3D project, Heart of the Tree was particularly great and all but one of the 3rd year films were fully completed this year! Unlike last year when only a couple were finally done. They were all really nicely done and will be entered in festivals now! (Including the local Pixilate festival on the 20th June in Falmouth).

The prizes for the ceremony are skeleton necklaces or trophies and awards are given for various things, but and 'Angel of animation' award is given to someone in each year, one that my flatmate Lokii (Spyro) won for our year!


The red carpet laid out to the entrance of the Cecils!


Our Pre-production lecturer, Derek, reading out the opening speech!

For better coverage of the ceremony, visit the Uni blog and read their official post there, as they have all of the awards people won, on there :D and more pictures! (I only took a few, sadly)

I did end up winning something! Which was awesome :D I got one of the awards for fancy dress and got given a DVD of British animation classics, which has the film 'Sky Whales' on, a film produced by Derek, our pre production lecturer, along with other great shorts like "Girls night out" by Joanna Quinn and a few others I recognized from our History and Theory lessons in year 1.

But yes, the Cecils mark the end of 2nd year (It's gone way too quickly, it really doesn't feel like 2 years already!) I'm off to Annecy for the festival there in less than a week and will definitely post photos and talk about my experience there, when I'm back! We get our marks in around 2 weeks, so I'll be sure to let you all know how I do, with that :) *fingers crossed*

But for now, until next blog post!