• Charlotte Grant

My Pet Rock is out!

Josh and Pappy's 3rd year film My Pet Rock is now on youtube :)

I did a small amount of clean up and colouring work on this film, as part of the 'crew project' assessment. It was such a fun project to work on, Josh and Pappy are both really fun creative people, it really was a blast! Josh made everyone that helped out, a mini Rocky with googly eyes for helping out, too and the finished film came out really nicely :) It's such a funny short!

Unfortunately 'Friends are like Umbrellas' the other film I worked on, wasn't completed in time and I'm not sure if it's been canned now or not. But the completed pieces of that film are stunning too!

It's officially the holidays now and this also marks the end of our blogs being a compulsory part of our course (It's marked in the first and second year) so I'm going to keep blogging, albeit a little more casually than before. It'll still all, mostly be animation or games related though! I'd love to talk about some of the games I've completed recently on here too at some point! But we'll see what the holidays bring! (Once again I'll be doing my holiday tasks and keeping my blog updated on those, most likely! But I go home in 4 days and the internet at home is on a very strict bandwidth, so I may have to do it checklist style again to keep from going over the download/upload limit)

Until next post!