• Charlotte Grant

Judgement Day!

As promised, here's my 'I got my grades for this year' post. It's the 27th which is results day and I've been nervously refreshing my emails for the past 2 hours, waiting to see if I've passed everything or not. For some reason I've been a heck of a lot more nervous this year than last (probably because the grades actually count this year)

The email came in about half an hour ago and I passed! I actually managed to do slightly better than first year, even though I came out with a 2:1 average for both years. First year had a lot of high 2:2's with 2 of my modules getting between 55 and 58. Whereas this year, I've kept my marks consistently above 60, in the 2:1 zone. My dissertation proposal and literature analysis I got a 1st for, which is awesome! (I'm not sure if I've spoken about my dissertation on here before, but It's going to be on queer representation in video games and I'm using games like Guild Wars 2, The Last of Us, Gone Home, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Dys4ia and a few other relative ones to relate different theories too. As sad as it seems, I'm kind of excited to get this dissertation done, it's a really interesting topic and I get to talk about games in it)

I would show my proposal here, but I don't want to risk any problems with the turn it in system, auto plagurising myself.

But yes! That's second year completed with a 2:1 :) I'm super pleased about my marks because I didn't feel I'd done as well this year as I had in first year, but it turns out I was wrong. I intend to work really hard next year to try and maintain the 2:1 grade I want to leave uni with and possibly try and drag it up into a first.

I'm going to be working on animation over the summer break and undoubtedly will be doing some drawing and editing during it too, so I'll probably end up using my blog a lot! The card game project I've mentioned previously is going into print sometime in the next few months, so I'll post up that when it's done!

But until that time, see you next blog post!