• Charlotte Grant

2D Animation Reel!

A super quick update to show you all the 2D demo reel I just finished! (I'm back from holiday now and I'll post all about that next month, when we have enough bandwidth to upload all of the photos, it was really awesome!)

Despite that fact that I'm leaning much more towards 3D character animation as a career choice, I still love 2D animation and considering most of the final year film projects end up being 2D, I still have ended up with a lot of my projects being 2D this year.

I figured I'd create a quick showreel with some of my best pieces of 2D animation projects I've been involved in :)

Films used in order: DEEP (Incomplete ongoing student project) Friends are like Umbrellas (Incomplete 3rd year film) Urashima Taro (Complete) My Pet Rock (Complete) Sea Tale (Complete) (Orange Dragon clips were an ident for the uni and a personal project)

I hope to practice a little more 2D animation next year, working with Celaction, a program one of my lecturers is trained in, which I learned a little about last year. It's a unusual 2D animation in that you're working with rigs, much like you do in 3D, it seemed like a pretty easy to pick up and versatile program last time I tried it and it's now become very popular in the UK animation industry, being used to animate things like the Moshi Monsters movie that came out this year and was partially done at Spider Eye in Cornwall. Even though it's not what I want to specialize in, I figure getting a basic knowledge of the program can't hurt, as it does seem to be becoming industry standard, at least in the UK.

The 3D animation I'm producing over the holidays and during my free time next year, I'll be using to produce second 3D character animation reel of my best work, that I hope to make December 2014, a year after my last reel :) Although, I'll probably make another 2D/3D reel at the end of the holidays to replace the one on the front page of my site. It's not long until I go back to uni! Just under a month until the move in date now, which is both exciting and kind of nerve racking at the same time. But 3rd year will hopefully be a good year in terms of the furthering of my animation ability before I go out into the industry myself!

I'll be updating really soon with some of the animation I've been doing for my holiday tasks and I've added a bunch more that I want to try as well, even if I don't get everything completed during this break :) So, see you next post! (I still have no clue how to end blog posts)