• Charlotte Grant

An update on my holiday work

Thought I'd post up some of my progress on my holiday animation work :D

I've added a bunch more things I want to try animating to the list, so I've got more than I think I'll be able to complete before I get back to uni, but I think the ones I don't end up completing, I'll do in my free time when I'm back, instead.

The three I've been working on the most are the dragon falling and then righting itself and the scared hobo rig walking down a corridor, although I completed the flying fox overlap animation as some principles practice. I've nearly completed the hobo rig one, although I don't think it's quite there yet, so I'm going to work on it a little more before I render it out. I'm quite pleased with the dragon and overlap practice animations though, so these are below :)

This is a super simple animation I did, using the Flying Fox rig from the Creative Crash website, I really enjoy working with overlap, especially with ears and tails on creatures, so this was a pretty fun exercise to do. One that I'm pretty pleased with the outcome of too!

The second animation I worked on was on another rig from the Creative Crash website, of a Dragon. I really enjoyed working with this rig, it's quite simple and easy to get the hang of and the wings especially were really nicely rigged! My plan for this animation was to have the dragon fall/push itself off the edge of a cliff face and then right itself before it hit the floor. I found this animation quite tricky to do, but I'm quite happy with the outcome, for a first try. I'm probably going to go back and try a similar animation using this dragon rig, again in the future, as I think I could do better with a little more practice.

But yeah, that's all I've got to share, for now! I've got some drawing work I did in my sketchbook, whilst on holiday a couple of weeks ago, I'll be scanning in and putting up next month, as well as some photos from some of the places we went on holiday (Warner Brothers Studio, Harry Potter Experience in London!) along with, hopefully some more animations!

I have a copy of TVPaint on this PC now, so I've been messing around, creating some more multi animator parts for youtube too, which I hope to share here soon, but that's all for now!