• Charlotte Grant

Monster Destruction is out!


That card game I worked as an artist for last year is now out :D Downloadable as a PDF to print or as physical cards on RPG drive thru c:

You can preview some of the cards and the rules for the game here! Beware it's a pretty big PDF file and might take a while to load :)

It was a really fun project to be a part of and it's nice seeing it actually available now. I'm probably going to pick up a copy sometime just to see what it looks like all printed out and give it to the tabletop game society at uni to try out :D When Worlds Collide were a fun company to work alongside and Alistair, the author was great at giving us feedback on what he wanted for the cards :) We produced 209 in all! The majority (minus the city ones, which were a mixture of digital painting and photo manipulation) were all digitally painted and drawn out from scratch, and we got the whole set done in just over 4 months! (whilst still keeping up to date on uni things)

But yeah! I just thought I'd update that here :) I've had a lot of website views from RPG drive recently too, so if you're from there, hi, welcome to my space on the web! Thank you for visiting!