• Charlotte Grant

Pitches are over!

I've probably talked the process all 3rd years need to go through as part of our grading, on this blog before. The dreaded pitch! Those wanting to create projects in 3rd year must go up in front of a panel of 4 judges from the Animation or Games industry and pitch it to them. Be clear about what the project is about and their goals for it, and be willing to answer any questions and accept critique on it, on the spot.

Needless to say, it's something all 3rd years end up pretty worried and anxious about. Those not pitching a project, aren't in the clear either, they have to pitch themselves, showing examples of their work, which programs they can use and talk about which projects they'd be interested in working on. The project pitches are judged and only 5 or 6 projects are given the green light to be made into final year films. I decided to pitch myself for this, rather than a project, as I always thought Taking Wing as kind of a solo project. I think, with it being such a small project, it'd be silly to have my own team of 8 - 10 people working on it for 7 months.

Cackle Fruit I love a lot and think it's ambitious and would work well as a short film, however, I'm personally looking to improve my 3D animation skills and I don't think pre-production and directing for that project would help me with that as I'm unfamiliar with the set-up stages for 3D productions and would consequentially have to hire environment modelers, character modelers, riggers, lighting artists and texture artists, for an ambitious project for 7 months anyway, the pipeline would take too long to get things the quality I'd like in 3D. So it'd have to be animated in 2D, which wouldn't help me improve my skills in that area. (I'm still highly considering taking it on as a comic project though) Several 3D projects were pitched this year, so I've offered my skills up for anyone that needs an animator for their final film, I'll also be (hopefully) producing video game loops for a final year game project named Revenant, dependent on whether it makes it past the judging process! Pitching didn't go too badly in the end either, luckily c:

Anyways, enough with my rambling, here's my September 2014 showreel I produced for it :) Which has replaced my December 2013 one on the front page of my website

Right now we're all waiting to know which projects go through, so I'm helping out with a few projects as an editor, as well as continuing my list of animations I'd like to complete, in my own time. But yes, another pretty quick animation update, I'll no doubt be posting a lot more when this year gets properly underway! Unfortunately though, our blogs no longer are marked as part of our grades, so there's a possibility during times where I have lots of work to complete, I won't be posting quite as much as in the previous two years.

See you in the next post!