• Charlotte Grant

It's been a long time, how have you been?

First term of 3rd year is almost over and tonight all 3 years of our course are having a group Christmas screening party thing to mark the last lecture of 2014, everything has been going so quickly! Apologies for not updating huge amounts, I've just been caught with working on these projects, I intend to get back to blogging regularly over the Christmas period and during the next 2 terms :) I'll be sharing all of the work I've been doing these past couple of months in the following few days, along with hopefully live blogging Ludum Dare which I'll be participating in on the 6th!

So, since I last posted, judging for the pitches has been done, green lighting around 10 of the projects. There's a huge mix of different mediums this year, one experimental image plain mapping project, one full 3D film, 2 stop motion projects (one using a rostrum camera and paper puppets and one using full 3D puppets and a green screen background) and several 2D projects in different styles.

My flatmates Lokii and Beverly's project, Revenant got green lighted and for these past few months I've been working for them, on the research and development front, writing the game development document and producing the occasional piece of concept art. I've also been working on another project, Leap and Cottongrass as a layout artist.

Leap and Cottongrass is a film being based around an old folk tale about a princess and an elk. The project itself is being produced in a rich, textural, stop motion style, using lots of fabrics and materials and shot through a rostrum camera, which we now have in the studio (and I'm way too excited about).

My role in Revenant right now has been primarily just research and documentation whilst the models and rigs are being created, but after Christmas, I'll join the project as an animator, creating movement cycles for some of the characters in the game, which will be awesome!

Perhaps what's been taking up most of my time, and one of the reasons I've not been blogging so much is our dissertation, I've been writing mine about theories on representation and how it can be applied to video games, It's involved reading a lot of texts and doing a lot of research, but it's a topic I'm quite interested in, so it's not going too badly so far and is due in next month.

But yes, just a short update to prove I'm still alive! I'll be updating my blog over these coming days with the visual development work I've been doing for Revenant and Leap and Cottongrass along with some sketchbook work, personal projects and life drawing, so until next time!