• Charlotte Grant

More personal projects!

Before I begin updating on some of the uni projects I'm currently involved in, I figured it'd be cool to make another personal projects post (my previous personal projects post is still my most viewed post on this new blog, for some reason and I feel I've got a decent amount of stuff to share) so yeah, I guess I'll talk about some of the projects I've been working on in my free time! from personal drawing pieces to video editing and machinima and some more personal animation practice!


To start off, I joined a couple of new multi animator projects, I've talked about these projects in a few of my previous posts.

MAP's are typically done in certain fandoms in the youtube animation community, usually someone, with a song they have in mind will split it up into however many parts they feel like and assign a topic (Usually things like the Warrior Cats books or original characters) and give out a part to whoever wants to animate it. Once all of the pieces are done, it's all put back together, to the song, creating a music video as such. I really enjoy taking part in these fan videos, they tend to have an awesome sense of community and it's amazing to see everything put together at the end.

Although I've not had huge amounts of time to work on personal projects, when I did have some time free, I signed onto a couple of parts, two for one MAP, to Lenka's 'Everything at once' the only theme for this was to use your own original characters, so I used my dragon character (who I've posted a few times already) and another character of mine, I created when I was younger. The second MAP was a fill in position for a Warrior Cat's MAP. I was filling in for someone who hadn't got their part done, so only had a few days to get my part done. I'm not so proud of this one, as it's pretty rough and I think that showed through, but it was still something nice to be a part of!

This is one of my parts for the 'Everything at once' MAP, only a second long, but I enjoyed working on the overlap on her tail and I'm pretty pleased with it overall!

My second part, I experimented with a little, working in Paint Tool SAI and colouring each frame individually, rather than flood filling it. Unfortunately it didn't come out looking as good as I'd hoped, as the colouring ended up very flickery.

Finally, my piece for the Warrior Cats MAP is below, I'm not as pleased with this piece as I was with the other two, mostly because of time constraints. I animated this in TVPaint to help me get to grips more with the program a little more, which I think helped. But overall, It's pretty clear that it was animated in only a couple of days, so it's not as smooth or as nicely animated as previous MAP pieces.

Drawing Work

Another thing to update on is my personal drawing work :) I've been practicing the composition and colouring of my work, as well as drawing humans more often, to try and improve on them.

I toyed with the idea of changing Austell in my Cackle Fruit concept project into another human and practiced drawing Brandy with her, as I struggled a little with drawing Austell as a mermaid and how I'd have the characters in the same world. I'd still like to work on some small one off comic strips to do with Cackle Fruit, but I think Brandy being with a human is more of an Alternative universe (I named the other girl Hazel, as she looks nothing like my designs for Austell) Below is a cosy, cabin-like scene I drew of the two. It's one of the paintings I'm quite proud of, I spent a lot of time on it, working out lighting and trying to get the human anatomy as close as possible. It's not perfect, but it's probably one of the best drawings I've done.

Some other 'human practicing' pieces are below, although I've not had time to do another really detailed one, like the above, yet :)

The above is a drawing I drew of all of my tabletop RPG characters, throughout different campaigns, over the last 5 years :) Most of them were from D&D games, except Elandor who was from Iron Kingdoms. I was sorting out my room and stumbled across a box file with all my old character sheets in and had some free time on my hands, so that's mostly what inspired this drawing!

The above three are more human practice, from left to right (Hazel & Brandy, Gift art for a friends birthday and practicing with poses and some more gift art, for another friend, practicing better anatomy)

I've drawn a lot of random sketches and animal art, some of which I don't think is quite good enough to show on my blog, but below is a small selection of some that I'm pleased with :)

A lot of the above is gift art for friends or as birthday presents :) But the two stripey tailed blue character pieces were personal artwork!

Practice Animation

I've still been working slowly through my list of 3D animation practice tasks, albeit a little slower now that I'm animating/working for other projects as part of my course! Here's a quick one I've been working on :) A scared blog character making it's way through a creepy corridor. I've still got a little more work to do on it, as it's not as smooth as I'd like, but this is more of a block through than anything! The rig used is Hobo from the creative crash website!


And finally, the last 'personal project' I guess I should talk about is a Guild Wars 2 collab! as you probably already know, I really enjoy working on editing projects in my free time, particularly editing Guild Wars 2 machinima and music videos together :) A couple of months ago, I teamed up with 10 really talented Guild Wars 2 machinima makers and we all worked together on a collab to Weird Al's "Now that's what I call polka" creating a team called The Black Lion Theater Company! It was so much fun working with everyone on it and the response we got from it was amazing :) Below is the final piece, my two parts were 'Call me maybe' and 'Thrift Shop'

and below are a few other, previous editing pieces I worked on a few months ago and don't believe I've posted here yet :D

But yes, that's most of the personal work I've been doing these past few months! I'm also working on a secret project, which I may talk about a little later on :) But until then, this is all of the things I've been doing in my free time!

Obviously I've still got a lot more to post, on my current uni projects, work I'm doing for the group projects right now, along with my Ludum Dare 31 analysis, but I'm trying to keep posts separated right now, so my blog has some kind of order to it and I can tag things right :) So they'll be coming really soon!