• Charlotte Grant

Ludum Dare #31 - An Overview

I was only able to join this project for 12 hours this time, but considering I was on holiday during Ludum Dare 30, so wasn't able to participate and enjoyed Ludum Dare 29 so much, I figured I'd try my best to do what I could, in the time I had, for this one!

Because I spent a lot less time on it, my final game isn't anywhere near as polished and fun as my previous LD entry, but considering the time limitations, I'm quite happy with what I achieved during it (and I feel like I pushed myself out of my comfort zone quite a bit and learned more during this Ludum Dare than I did with Crayon Miners)

The theme for this Ludum Dare was "Entire game on one screen". The first idea I came up with was a maze type game, but I figured that might be too similar to the Crayon Miners project I did last Ludum Dare, so I sketched up plans for an object sorting game, a wizard asking for you to help them make potions in a certain order and having the player drop the potions she is describing into the cauldron infront of them.


I began by drawing out some terrible prototype graphics to get the the gravity/drag and drop for the potions that I wanted. It took quite a while to figure out how to get this working the way I wanted it to. Working with mouse controls in a game isn't something I'd tried before, so figuring it out and allowing the potions to be dragged and dropped and have gravity, was a fun challenge for me. Once I'd got everything working in prototype graphics, I spent a couple of hours drawing out full graphics for the game.


These final graphics are seen above. I then drafted out descriptions for each of the potions and set the variables for her speaking to the collision between the potion she's mentioning and the cauldron. This way, if the wrong potion is picked out, it'll end the game and if the right one is picked, the game continues onto the next potion needed. Working out these variables took quite a while to figure out, getting the order of things correct. I managed this in the end, the game working functionally how I wanted it to.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was unable to figure out how to get the order of the jars to be randomised, so I added a timer in, to gamify it a little more, as when you figure out the order, it becomes quite stale.


I polished the game a little, by adding a credits screen, game over screen, lighting that follows the mouse and particle effects the colour of the potion when you drop it into the cauldron.

Overall, although it's not the best game I've ever made, I've learned so much over the 12 hours I work on it, I feel it's a success, at least in that aspect, so I'm quite pleased with it :)

If you'd like to play The Potion, you can download it here on Game Jolt :)


I've recorded myself doing a playthrough, for those who don't want to download, or for those on linux/mac ^^