• Charlotte Grant

The Revenant project!

I can't remember whether I've posted about this project, in detail, in the past, but I definitely know that I've mentioned it here, briefly a couple of times :)

One of the final year projects I've been working on is Revenant, a game design project, set to produce an art and gameplay bible along with animations, a trailer and a short documentary style video, explaining the game. It's being run by Bee and Lokii, both people I've worked on multiple projects with before, so I joined them at the start of the year as a 3D animator and a researcher, as the project sounded fun and I know we work well together.

To begin with, most of my tasks involved researching different set ups for games, first person, top down 3rd person and games that follow that format. Revenant is a horror game concept, so I did research into similar types of games, Alice: Madness Returns, Amnesia, Silent Hill and what formats they follow.

I also produced a small amount of concept and design work for the project, helping create design concepts for several of the monsters in the game, some of my favourite concepts I drew for this are below :)


I moved onto the role of 3D animator as soon as the model/rig was finished, it was decided the game was going to be a side scrolling game, similar to Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends and Child of Light and this is what my role is going to continue to be, until I've completed all of the animation cycles needed for the game :)

The above is the idle animation comparisons for the Reaper character, I decided, after feedback to use the first animation as the final one

Above is the progress on some of the other animations for the Revenant project, not all of these are finalised yet and I have a couple more animations I need to start for the project, both with this rig and some animation cycles for the monster rigs too! But I just thought I'd update with some of my progress so far :) It's been nice to animate some stuff in 3D that's going to be used for something other than practice, and I'm definitely loving working on these cycle animations!

I'll update a little on the work I'm producing for the Leap and Cottongrass project soon!