• Charlotte Grant

Leap and Cottongrass

One of the final year projects I've been helping on has been Leap and Cottongrass, a project based off a fairytail being directed and created by Paris in my year.

I joined this project in November last year as the project was running low on people and needed more team members to produce concept and layout art for it.

The project is a stop motion film produced traditionally using a rostrum camera, paper jointed puppets and traditional layered and multi material textured and painted backgrounds.

Paris first asked me to produce some concept art and designs for one of the main characters, the Elk, using texturised brushes, similar to the paper textures they'd be using traditionally. Below is the concept art and some designs I produced for her :)

Forest Elk Texture Concept.png

Elk in the forest concept piece

Test Elk Designs 0.png

Some preliminary designs

Elk designs 2.png

She asked me to push the style a little more, extend his legs and change the line and eye style.

Test Elk Designs 1.png

Another elk concept in another style with much more wiry limbs and more realistic eyes.

I then joined the project as a layout artist, until recently. My job was going through the storyboard shots and producing more detailed layouts from the frames, ready to be made into traditional A3, textured backgrounds for the project ^^

Below are some of the layouts I produced for it :)


and below are a couple of comparisons between the final layout and the storyboard backgrounds I was working from :)



But yeah :) Layouts aren't something I've done much of, during my time on this course, so it was a kind of fun change of pace from the usual things I do ^^

I'll be updating more soon! As I've got quite a few things to update on, regarding final 3rd year films :)

Until next time!