• Charlotte Grant

Headless Work, Weekly Update :)

I thought it might be a good idea to show the work I'm doing weekly on the final film projects I'm animating on, as I do it (Currently only Headless, although I'll be tweening for a project called The Bird sometime hopefully)

So below are my completed, signed off rough animation shots for this week!

This shot I animated the body for a while back, but was able to import the high poly rig for, animate the head and tweak any animation that didn't translate well with the real rig this week and get the rough animation signed off on!

This shot was a pretty quick one that I got finished on Friday, from scratch in a couple of hours. I'll probably go back and work on the eyes once she's been textured, as it was a little hard to animate them without it. This was a super quick shot of her being surprised by the head and body barging through the door of her bookshop :)

Finally, this is the last shot I got finished this week (on Monday). It was another shot I had already animated with the low poly rig, early on, minus the head and re-referenced the final rig in this week, made sure to fix any issues that didn't match with the transfer and then animated the head ontop, getting it signed off on! :) (Ignore the huge weight paint issues and the wrists bending, it's something our rigger is fixing right now and will be sorted in the final film!)

Above is the closeup of the yawn animation I did for the head

I'll try and keep updating weekly, with new animation, as I do it :) I'll probably be working on some personal animation work in my free time too, which I'll add to these update posts!

But yes, until next blog, I guess ^^