• Charlotte Grant

Animator Island's 51 Challenge

I know I've done similar things before, during my holiday animation work, but considering I only have a month or so left of university, I've been trying to bulk up my animation showreel and practice as much as possible :)

I joined a facebook group dedicated to the 51 animation practice challenge that Animator Island has on their site, if you want to check it out, take a look here! I've done a few before, like the head turn and the bouncing balls, but I feel my animation has improved quite a bit since I last gave it a shot (over a year ago), so I figured I'd give it another try, maybe putting my own little twists in here and there :)

My flatmate (and friend from the course, who's going into production and concept art) Lokii is doing a similar thing, following the @Sketch_Dalies challenge. So we'll have each other to cheer on and hopefully complete 1 thing a day (or every 2 days for me) for at least a month (I have 60 days left until I move back home, so I've got 60 days of having decent enough internet to keep uploading and logging my progress, hopefully enough to get all 51 tasks done!)

The first task I attempted was task #3 a brick falling from a shelf onto the ground. I added the Nico rig into the scene for this one as I figured the majority of these tasks are aimed at 2D animators, I wanted to challenge myself and it wasn't as difficult to do something like that in 3D. I'll be doing the majority of these tasks in 3D with an occasional 2D task one ones like removing trousers, zipping up a jacket and a piece of paper falling, which would be too difficult to do in 3D, in a day or two. (and I don't want to become too rusty with 2D animation)

I'll admit I'm a massive fan or cat videos (who isn't?) so for this scene I used the below video, with cats being jerks and knocking things off tables, as a slight reference to how they'd be posed :)

I then, first focused on the key poses for Nico and the full animation showing the weight and timing of the brick falling. I wanted it to seem quite heavy, so didn't give it any bounce and made it fall quite quickly. I then worked into Nico, making sure the overlap on his tail and ears was working nicely and that his movements seemed smooth.

I'm quite happy with this animation, for just a few hours of work! I think I'm going to move onto task #4 and #5 next with the head turns :) Then I plan to go back to tasks #1 and #2 a bit further into this challenge, as I've done both tasks a few times already!

I've set up a page for the challenge that I'll fill up as I complete things, which is here

That's all for now! I'll probably be blogging daily or every other day with this challenge and then weekly Headless/Final film blogging until our deadlines at the end of May!

Cya next blog post!