• Charlotte Grant

Tasks #4 and #6

Good Morning!

I just thought I'd quickly post up two of my completed Animator Island 51 challenge animations that I completed last night!

The first is task #4 which was 'Simple Head Turn' and the second was task #6 which was 'Character blinking'. I used the Mery rig for both of these (and did two because the Nico animation technically took 2 nights from when I started the challenge with Lokii, as I started it the day after and she finished artwork for the day we agreed to the challenge and the day after, so I was one behind)

Above is my animation for the head turn task. The scenario I had in mind when animating her was either that she'd seen someone she liked from across the hall coming towards her, so she faces her back to them pretending not to notice, so they tap her on the back. Or she's just spoken to someone she likes and they've walked off now, so she turns around, kinda excited, feeling a little dreamy about it. I'm not sure if that came across or not, but that was my thoughts behind it at least :)

Task #5 is another head turn task, this time with anticipation, so I decided to move onto task #6, still using the Mery rig, as I didn't want to do both head turn tasks in a night.

Task #6 is a character blinking, which I thought was a good oppertunity to focus a lot on her expression. I ended up animating her looking quite bored at a bar or desk, rolling her eyes and then noticing something and smiling a little bit. Outside of Headless this is probably one of the most detailed expression work I've done so far and I'm quite happy with the outcome! :)

But yush, I'll be updating again tomorrow with another one of these tasks. Make sure to keep an eye out on this page if you're interested in seeing how I'm progressing with them!

I'll have some updates on my work on Headless on Friday, too :) I've completed a couple more shots and the lighting/texturing/rendering people on the project have rendered out the first couple of scenes (and it's looking absolutely stunning!)

But yes, until then!